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>> The snakes seem to have the same problem as the heads
>> where you need to be in the right position to be able
>> to strike them.

There is not a single snake in the game that must be actually struck. šŸ™‚ You can always avoid them or jump over them.

>> Combined with the jumping it smacks of a minor bug to
>> me where the player can get out of alignment with the
>> tile positions.

This is an interesting observation and it’s quite possibly a true explanation.

>> So much of beating POP2 seemed to come down to
>> learning by rote exactly where to stand for each figt
>> or start each jump and I was having to use trial and
>> error to figure it all out.

I didn’t notice it being a problem with fights, to be honest. With jumps – yes, a little bit.

>> I was also getting a good number of crashes on my PII
>> which rubbed it in when they happened after one of
>> the mid-level checkpoints that Iā€™d struggled to get
>> to for ages. Maybe I should have tried slowing my PC
>> down a bit in hindsight.

You may have been playing an early, buggy and crash-prone version of the game. Crashes are much less frequent with the later 1.01/1.1 versions, but they still happen (often because of sound bugs).

>> There was a lot of satisfaction to cleaving through a
>> load of goblin heads after getting a full length
>> sword again.

I almost think they put all those goblin heads there intentionally, for that satisfaction. šŸ™‚