Reply To: First impressions


Wow, so you played all the… let me count… 10 Monkey Island games? That’s counting each chapter of the “Tales” games as a separate game.

Haha, amazing!

I’ve never really played Curse or Escape myself, nor the Tales. It’s interesting to hear you enjoyed the Telltale series, I might check those out myself.

I’m currently playing through the sequel and I must admit… I’m enjoying it less than the original. The original is so fully packed with jokes and silliness, it’s just great. The sequel feels more tedious, where you constantly have to move between places to get a little further with the intricate puzzles. It’s not unfunny though, definitely still very good.

I think they felt maybe Secret was too easy and they wanted to offer the player more of a challenge? I don’t know, but for me the original is still absolutely fantastic. It all works so well and is so unbelievably goofy, it’s really great.