Reply To: My Verdict


Finished it this morning, geez, what a rough game.
Half of the puzzles are fine, some incredibly easy enough, others you can brute force through.
The other ones though, DAMN. I know the book in the study can tell you what you are supposed to do, but bugger me if the navigation in the game (the 25th version) was so painful I’d rather look up what the solve condition was – I’m looking at house final puzzle.
I have a problem in that now I’m old, I have no patience, especially for puzzles when I know what the answer is, but don’t want to spend time brute forcing it.
I think out of the last 5 puzzles, I solved one of them legitimatly, and that was just stumbling around on the painting puzzle.
I feel that in the day the puzzles would have been OK and interesting, but really, really not aimed at the common person (yes you bishop puzzle).

The navigation caught me a few times with the overlapping clickable zones, and without help I would have never found the art gallery.