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Hints for players:


If you want to have a laugh, you can actually fire the laser yourself and destroy Earth, and enjoy spending the rest of eternity serving SHODAN as her own personal Cortex Reaver


Walls of grey pipes in this game can be climbed like ladders. This is required in some sections, but is not overly clear


If you’re really worried about ammo, you can always check weapons you’re not going to use and unload them


On that note, given your limited inventory it can be useful to create stashes of items in easily accessible areas


Citadel Station has lots of hidden doors. Usually you can spot them on the map, but also sometimes by their different textures.


If you’ve seen a new item or monitor text and you don’t know what it’s for, it’s most likely a plot item. Mark it on your map and move on


Some parts of the station you don’t have to explore or visit too much, and other parts will become painfully familiar. Try to make sure you have appropriate weapons for those locations


Mark down healing chambers and power stations on your map, power use will become important later on with some very useful items


Your big consumable items like health kits and batteries are very useful when you haven’t unlocked a cyborg conversion chamber on the current level. Some later levels don’t even have one of those…
Logic probes are not overly useful compared to these.


Cyberspace can be a pain at times, but you should try and get everything you can out of them. The Decoy software is limited but is useful when facing lots of enemies


Certain types of enemies respawn in certain places. You’ll be seeing a lot of zombies, but not necessarily a lot of turrets respawning on level 1 for example.


Spoilers to follow