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I’m playing this on an old Tandy at 4.77Mhz and it’s still a bit nippy. Kind of impressive for the hardware – you certainly get a sense of speed. I’m not getting any sound either so it must have been left off this version.

This game is actually the first in the Super Ski series and got 2 DOS sequels (neither of which I’ve tried yet). Is it just me or are 3 of the 4 events essentially the same? The giant slalom seems to be the slalom with bigger flags and the downhill is the slalom with near enough all the flags removed.

I can’t say I’ve entirely figured the ski jump but it seems like you press and hold fire at the end of the ramp and you can then move the joystick around to change your position. If I pull back a little and let go of fire when hitting the ground I can usually land it. This doesn’t necessarily net me any style points though so there must be more to it.