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Out of all of the multi-event simulation games on my list, I have to say this one might be my least favourite so far. Probably a large part of that is that pre-rendered 3D sprites from this era almost never look good. They are at the same time too smooth and untextured, but still end up looking weirdly … crunchy? dirty? I dunno, but I think it’s from the compression. And then to me it feels like there are too few frames of animation for the size of the sprites, and it kind of moves too jerky.

But mostly I didn’t like the controls and the physics. A lot of the other games of this type really do a good effort of making you “feel” the snow and the landscape and the weight of your skier, but I really wasn’t getting much of that here. Also for some reason my copy defaulted to mouse control, which was HIDEOUS!

But take all that with a grain of salt. With so many games on my list, I really haven’t given this one enough time yet.