Reply To: Maniac Mansion


I remember playing Maniac Mansion as a kid, but not getting very far because of insufficient knowledge of the English language (and intelligence in general). At least I got to enjoy the awesome opening music on the C64 🙂

I played it again as an adult, and I think was able to finish it. I really enjoyed the game. The fact that you control multiple characters gave the game an extra dimension compared to other adventure games. Especially because the characters have different skills and you also need to make them work together.

If I remember correctly, the different ports of the game were slightly different. I think in some ports the central door on top of the stairs had an electronic lock, where in other ports it was a plain door. Or maybe that depends on which characters you choose at the start of the game?

About the version included with DOTT, I recall reading that it doesn’t include save functionality, making it difficult to complete unless you already know what to do. Is that correct?