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Got around to recording and uploading the last levels of Lost Vikings II as well. This time there are 5 characters, but since only 3 can appear in a single level – the battle with Tomator had to be split between 2 levels. 🙂

Level 30:

Level 31:
WARNING: The ending of the last level contains a MAJOR spoiler, so keep that in mind if you haven’t played the game yet. 😛

Getting a clean run of Level 31 (no damage and no wasted attacks against Tomator) is insanely hard (for me at least). I got lucky that it only took a handful of attempts this time, so I decided not forgive myself for a few small blunders, and upload the video “as is”. The other videos also have minor mistakes, so it’s OK. I will not waste hours and hours striving for perfection here. Not now at least. 😀