Reply To: Final Thoughts


I almost finished this game in the allotted month. I probably would have if I hadn’t been sobusy with other stuff. This game definitely has some charm. It feels very much like Star Trek, especially with the inclusion of all of the original cast members’ voices (though some seemed to be phoning it in a bit). I get why they made the game epsiodic but it didn’t really appeal to me very much, the adventure sections are over before you know it. There is also a wild difference in difficulty in the puzzles: Sometimes you are almost litteraly told what to do, but sometimes you have to just have a lucky guess (like with the antidote in mission 3) or be some kind of downright genius (the door combination in mission 6).

As mentioned before I was also not big on the scoring system because:
A. You don’t know why you should care during the game.
B. There’s no way of knowing until the mission is over.
C. It includes a lot of tedious typing everything into the computer before the mission and using the tricorder on everything during the mission.

The ship combat was also a nuisance. I haven’t done the supposedly impossible last mission yet, but the ones leading up to it are pretty doable if you just keep oscillating your speed. I usually end up salmming the brakes, lining up the enemy ship. Fire phasers and torpedoes and ram right through them (because there is no collision detection). Though crude this approach has won me every battle. You could say it doesn’t compare very nicely compared to games like Wing Commander. The first thing I did was look up if there was a way to skip the battles. Apparently there was a patch, but it doesn’t work properly on the latest version of the game.

All in all I thought the game was OK, it didn’t leave me as satisfied as with more recognized classics, but it’s a nice little snack for a Star Trek fan. I just wish there were less, but longer episodes, or just one long continuous story. Apparently the sequel is better so I may check that one out as well.