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Okay, here’s my verdict: It’s okay fun for a while, but nothing to keep me occupied for more than a couple hours.

Not sure how to get new cars (got one in about 20 races I did, that one was crap, so no idea). Opponents get stuck (they can’t recover, apparently) but once you drive away from them, the game seems to lose track of them, as Pix already mentioned, but it’s actually good, because otherwise sometimes opponents would be stuck underwater or something so you couldn’t possible wreck them.

Driving is painful in the game. Cars are either super slidey or don’t turn at all. Ever tried driving with the side of your car stuck to a wall and trying to steer away from it? Not possible, because (presumably), the back of the car would push against the wall, which the physics engine seems to prohibit. The only solution is to drive backward and turn away from the wall, very annoying.

Hitting opponents with this sliding car is super difficult and it’s not really clear to me, how hard or often you need to hit them to take them out either.

So the game doesn’t work as a racing game (racing is 100% optional anyway, as AI never seems to go through checkpoints) or as a fighting game because it’s so hard to hit, which is very sad (also, doesn’t AI repair? Why can I hit them more often then they can hit me).

On top of that, races are just more of the same over and over again, there’s hardly any progression except new parts becoming available or the occasional car you get. Worked my way through 60 ranks or so without anything new happening.

That said, the game has a lot of style. The entire psychopaths driving a death race is pretty well done and I’m a big fan of the whole way “Die Anna” and “Max Damage” are designed.

The graphics are pretty cool. Not top notch for the time, but some nice detail in there, like stickers on the tires and turning wheels, cool car designs.

The music is exactly my cup of tea, very fitting, too.