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After having played it for a while now (I’ve maxed out my car, but haven’t quite beaten it yet), I have to say there are a few things that bug me.

The game seems to be praised for the “realistic” physics, but I have to say for an over-the-top, absurd game like this they are perhaps a little *too* realistic.
As rnlf said, the cars are painfully hard to drive, mainly because you are supposed to do stupid things with them that real cars aren’t designed to do.
Insane top speeds and acceleration together with realistic handling is just a recipe for disaster.
Launching yourself into the air in an uncontrolled spin is always fun though 😉

That is probably my main criticism, although I have to say, without finding the right powerups, wiping out all the civilians on a map is next to impossible.

Apart from those points, yes there are some frustrating and unbalanced design choices, but somehow I feel I wouldn’t change any of them. They’re what give the game its charm!

Funny – it seems everybody’s evaluation of this game is along the lines of “here’s a huge list of everything wrong with this game. Verdict: it’s great!”