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Back in the day I bounced off the EGA graphics then later the VGA version’s opening with a timer and random encounters. Though retried the VGA edition with the club this month and finished it quite quickly.

One thing that helped me enjoy it much more this time was embracing the save-often ethos. Calling it “save scumming” gives the technique a bad rap, especially for a game with so much trial and error. And frankly I no longer have any shame about using a walk-through once I’ve devoted a few tries and nights sleeping on a puzzle. At this stage of my life I don’t have the time I used to, and there are plenty of other games to enjoy as well.

All that said, the VGA version also has the magnet to help with the slot machine, speed setting to make Roger walk faster, and other quality-of-life stuff like the success tone to clarify when you’ve accomplished something significant.