Reply To: Play online (local only)


I do want to point out that the above link opens an in-browser version of DOSBox to load JITFL with the default 3000 cycle speed and soundblaster soundtrack.

It seems that JITFL did not avoid the Sierra VGA SCI speed bugs: At that cycle speed, it seems that the game algorithms are no longer random and over time will always end up with economy failing and crashing all salaries to their lowest. (One can hit CTRL-F11 to lower the cycle speed however since I always did it BEFORE i booted the game, I don’t know if doing so within the game will fix this.)

Also the fact that it is not possible to switch to the superior Roland MT-32 soundtrack makes this link playable but not preferred.

One really should play this game within a local DOSBox along with Munt MT32 emulator running. And to lower the cycles to ~2000-2200 before launching JITFL.

If this is simply not an option and want to ensure random RNG:

1- Load the website and when the game starts, hit CTRL-Q to quit the game and return to the dos prompt

2- Hit CTRL-F11 four or five times

3- Relaunch the game by typing SIERRA

Hopefully this ensures proper randomness if you must play the in-browser version.