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Interestingly, for me quake lies at the border of what I’d consider dos gaming. I don’t quite recall whether I played it in dos or windows back then. However, this game, together with the windows exclusive wing commander prophecy was the reason my brother and I acquired a voodoo1.

Since, according to the internet (so it must be true ~_^), the version with 3dfx support was windows exclusive I must conclude that I played it in windows, but I have no actual recollection of whether I started windows to play it or not.

As for the game itself: I was firmly in the Quake camp, more thanks to its atmosphere than its technical prowess. My friends greatly preferred duke3d and rott. My biggest problem with the game was the nearly Lost Eden level bummer of an end boss. An empty egg, figuratively speaking, if there ever was one in an fps.

Still, looking forward to replaying Quake seriously for the first time since I finished it on our Pentium 90 with voodoo1 card. I still have the original CD from back when that was an effective copy protection measure. I’ll be using the darkplaces engine, and see if my openpandora can handle rygel’s texture packs.