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The computer room at high school was also my first experience with Quake. I didn’t do computer studies, but we had a free period and a teacher decided to drop us off in there as an easy way of supervising a bunch of bored students. Someone who knew what they were doing set up Quake deathmatch and we all passed the time with some excitement.

Eventually my family got our own PC, and I… obtained a copy of Quake. The singleplayer was fine, not as fun as the BUILD engine games that I had also delved into, but it kept me entertained. What I really loved was the other CD my friend had loaned me: it contained a bunch of mods, maps, and tutorials on using Quake’s tools incluuding QuakeC.

One thing led to another and I was involved in an old total conversion of an older DOS game, which was quite the experience, but that feels like a lifetime ago now. I play through Quake maybe once a year, same as with Doom, Duke3D, Blood etc. I didn’t do too well in multiplayer, so I don’t really miss it, but Quake will always have a permanent place on my hard drive.