Reply To: Impressions


Oh boy was that a train ride!

I am wondering why I never played this title, maybe it was just not a title I was looking into then, but it sure took me on a ride this time.

Music is fantastic as well as the audio direction. There is obviously a lot going on and you can sort of learn all the details of everyone, and read more into the lore.

Some sections feel extremely time-critical, and I found multiple ways of doing things, and lingering about on the longer segments, and getting a bad ending or seven along the way. This also ended up as a really stressful towards the end, not knowing if I have enough time to get stuff done, or if I forgot something and then I would have to go back 2h.

Even still, the story was compelling and it does warrant a playthrough or three. I did end up standing around and waiting sometimes, which was a bit frustrating, didn’t find a mechanism to speed up time (even for a bit), but I did like the double-click move and rewind mechanics, although sometimes it is unclear what you actually should do, requiring a bad ending or two or a full location rewind to experience what you wanted.

The game is very interesting on how it accomplishes much in such small (physical) space. I didn’t mind or care for the rotoscoping style, at some places it was really nice, others it was more meh.

As pix says, there is a lot of soaking in the atmosphere, and some of the characters are blatantly obvious as to who they are.

I can’t wait for the discussion of this, also need to check the other threads for more opinions &c. I can also see why this has been top on many adventure game rankings.