Reply To: Tips for n00bs


I find most of the interface is surprisingly intuitive, but there’s a few details you mightn’t figure out for yourself.

To swap characters, click on their NAMES. (I think it needs to be a right click?)

The view screen is very contextual. What you are holding and where you click will determine whether you place the item on the ground, throw it, or use it (like a key)

Throwing items manually (left clicking then taking them to the view screen) can damage monsters, but not as well as using them as a weapon (right click). You can still exploit this when you’ve run out of missile weapons! (Just chuck everything you have at them – keys, books, bones, whatever)

Whenever you find a mage scroll that’s new, go to the CAMP menu and select Scribe Scrolls. It’s the only way AFAIK to get new spells in your spellbook.

Exploit the fact that you can run much faster than the enemies (you can move basically as fast as you can press buttons). Hit and Run. I think the manual even tells you this.

If you are not using a tool like All Seeing Eye, keep an eye on your compass, especially if you keep getting unexplainably lost, or parts of the map don’t make sense. The game loves to spin you around or teleport you without indication.

Hold onto bones.

I’m sure I’ll think of more. I might post again later 😉