Reply To: Tips for n00bs


I’ve never used it, but All Seeing Eye is an extra program you can use to do auto-mapping and maybe a few other things in DosBox.

To me it feels like too much of a cheat. From my point of view a big part of the fun of the game is mapping, but to each their own.

Another tip that occurred to me:
There are a LOT of items in this game, but no way to sell or trade them. How do you know what to keep and what not to?
Armour is easy: put it on, and if your AC goes down keep it (low AC is better)

Weapons are harder. Later in the game there is a way you can identify items exactly (with an orb of power at the oracle of knowledge), but you can also determine what items are magical with the Detect Magic spell. It will also tell you which rings and amulets are useless. It’s not an exact science, but better than nothing.

Potions and scrolls: most of the time, don’t feel bad about discarding these. If you have a well-balanced party with a healer or two and a magic user, you’ll never find yourself needing them. Just make sure you keep a few neutralize poisons around in earlier levels, and cure-paralysis in later levels. If you save often, you won’t even need raise-dead scrolls.

Also, don’t be afraid of pits. There are some areas you can only reach by jumping down these.