Reply To: Master of Orion 2


I simply LOVE MOO2. Instant nostalgia. I always keep this game on my disk, together with Albion by Blue Byte. And this episode is what lured me to DOS Games Club.

I don’t know if there’s anything new I could add… It’s one of those games that bought me instantly with presentation – intuitive (for me at least) interface, colors, cute little animations, character illustrations… And this music! My God. So perfect!

This is one of those games that made me become a professional video game narrative designer.

Maybe one thing I could add would be the soft fantasy aspect of the game. Fighting space dragons and eels guarding “treasures” (good planets), Orion Guardian boss fight, race creation that makes you think of RPG characters… Also some of the races look pretty fantasy-like, especially Elerians, Darloks and the Alkari.