Reply To: First impressions


Yeah, those controls are just… weird. Like unnecessarily weird.
As for the audio sync issues, the only thing I can think of is that they just never changed the duration of the animations to match the audio for the talkie CD version. (I’m pretty sure the floppy version came out a year earlier?)
I thought it might have been a system speed issue, but I’ve tried it with so many different combinations in DOSBox and 86Box with no luck that I’m sure it can’t be the problem.
My main problem with the game though, as you pointed out, is that I just have no idea what it wants me to do. Straight out of the gate we’re dropped into a town approximately 3/4 the size of Tokyo with an empty, labyrinthine forest next to it of about the same area as the Amazon rainforest. There’s not much you can do but blunder around aimlessly for ages.