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Thank you 🙂

I did the gun sidequest at the start, which I remembered from playing the demo – in my mind it gave you a huge advantage but I’ll have to see if that’s true. I messed about with the guards a bit, going repeatedly through the comms room, but they don’t get any more annoyed by it.

I swear I remember you could show the security guards the gun, which made him respond “ARE YOU MAD?!” in double-height letters, and needless to say, confiscate it. But I can’t get it to happen this time – the security guard refuses to talk to you. I thought I’d misremembered, and tried the captain as well, but he says he’s too busy to talk as well. I must have been playing the demo at the time – perhaps it was changed.

Despite talking to the characters excessively, I still don’t really understand what over-c (which comprises both the drive and the COM unit?) is. The name sounds like faster than light (c as in mc^2) – is the same branch of technology used for communications as for actual travel?