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Okay, I’m at the stage where I have to ask Rejira for a ton of potions – that should do it.

Characters are stored somewhere around A5BA in the saved game (I’m not sure whether it can vary, but search for the string “Tom”) – after the character name followed by a ton of nulls, the inventory seems to be in a pattern of [1 byte for quantity][3 bytes for ???][2 bytes for item type]. Blue healing potions are type 4E00, and even though the game normally only lets you stack 99 items in a space, you can edit them all the way up to 255, which is displayed as ** – I think this is used to denote items that are infinitely buyable in shops, but when in your inventory they act as the number 255.

Of course, it isn’t practical to be this greedy – Rainer (or Dieter as he is now known due to some other experimentation) is unable to move at all here as he’s loaded down with 510 potions with a combined weight of 0.2 metric tons.