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I’ve retrieved the embarrassing medicine (which turned out to be a bit more of a quest than it sounded, didn’t it?) I was planning to go back and pick off some of the huge wave of monsters that opens near the end that you’re meant to block with the gate, but they were a bit far beyond my level even individually so I’ll go back to them later.

I’ve now reached my next stop Beloveno, and this game is getting less exotic all the time – I’m just in a town that could have been in any RPG in the last four decades now. It’s another affirmation that what I actually like is the first hour of Albion – the idea of discovering a new world and just being left to explore and converse in this town of naked cat people. I remember it feeling so big and momentous on my dad’s colossal 17″ CRT monitor.

Playing this again has made me want to go back and record one of my earliest songs, also called “Albion” – but as I’ve played through it I’ve realized the original lyrics missed the point so atrociously that I actually want to completely rewrite it. At that time, my understanding was limited to “humans destroy things, catgirls that live in balance with nature must be saved” – and while the game does have an environmental theme to it, there’s a lot more going on than that.