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Were you carrying any food when you were unable to rest? I know that you can’t regain health from resting if you’re not carrying any – I’m not sure if it actively prevents you from selecting the option, though.

I had a look at the manual, which is almost completely unhelpful – it talks about some of the setting and the basics of the UI but there’s absolutely nothing about how training your stats help, or what you need to do to keep your party healthy! So there really is a lot of trial and error involved – I had to consult an FAQ to get an understanding of what I was doing.

So I can only help out from my own research and gathering of information:
– Search junkpiles and chests and sell things that you aren’t going to use! There are a lot of useless objects, but weapons and potions can be bartered.
– Selling monster bits and pieces that you gain from combat will give you a decent cash flow as well.
– If you’re really hard up, go and visit the healer in the Dji-Kas building (southwestern building in Jirinaar) and talk to her repeatedly – she’ll occasionally give you a high-tier blue health potion that can be used or sold!
– The lack of a map can be a huge disadvantage, especially at night. Explore slowly, learn landmarks and ask the man herding cattle near the city for directions if you need them!
– It seems to be generally agreed that it’s worth training yourself up in close-range combat as much as you can in Jirinaar (though as mentioned above I have little idea what difference this specifically makes!)