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The dungeon in this section of the game is actually interesting again, it’s a little clumsy in terms of being able to tell what you’re doing at first but is based around turning a room in the centre around to access four different parts of the tunnels. It’s a welcome change after the featureless warrens of the bonus dungeon on Maini.

The main roadblock is… pictured below. Sixteen Animal3s is the worst of them, but the game starts throwing these absolutely ludicrous piles of enemies at you and it’s very difficult to imagine how you’re expected to deal with them without the high level spells (actually just Demon Exodus, because in an inspired touch, using Frost Avalanche on this many Animal3s crashes the game). Faced with this, I can only see two options:

1. Just hit them with a levelled up Demon Exodus and make the battle trivial
2. Die

I’m really not sure whether I’m cheating around the game here, or if this is the intended way to do it – it feels like there are only about three spells that are really worthwhile in the game, particularly as you have to cast spells repeatedly to make them useful. This is just one aspect of the game where grinding becomes necessary – there’s a lot of busywork getting in the way of just playing the game and experiencing the world.

Anyway. I’ve now retrieved the Stone of Visions from a chest in the deepest part of the dungeon, and have made my way back up only to realize I can’t remember why I wanted the Stone of Visions or what it might be used for.