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I played a lot of Mighty Eighth when it came out.
It looking absolutely amazing, with graphics that I think still stand up today (and not even in a retro way!). It was certainly an upgrade to the original B17 experience.
The new compartment view inside the aircraft with animated crew members was a bit clunky, but mostly an amazing game to look at.
It was popular with the modding community, being quite easy to change things like aircraft skins.
However, I remember it was quite demanding on my pc, which was quite well equipped at the time. And it was definitely buggy! Damage/injuries seemed to happen way too often, making missions almost unplayable at times, despite patching.
Through the modding community again, I found an editable file that seemed to have variables for almost all mission parameters, that one could experiment with to help this.
Even so, I found myself coming back to the original B17 for playability.
The new batch of B17 games from Microprose look great!
It’s good to know tthey are still interested in advancing this part of their brand.
And ‘Bomber Crew’ also looks cool, I’ll definitely give that a try.