Reply To: some personal thoughts and memories


Thanks for sharing!

DF was special for me as well, though I came to the series earlier. Getting it on CD for Xmas was a treat as I loved and had modded Doom. Yet I yearned for a shooter with story, cinematics, and levels that felt real and lived in — unlike the very abstract levels of Doom.

Puzzles and large levels though were too much for my impatient teen years, so I recall skipping or cheating through the latter half.

Replaying in the modern era, especially with The Force Engine and even DREAMM, has been great fun.

JK too was special to me. I was caught in the 3D hype and longed for 3D star wars FPS. So much so that in 1997 I decided to take my experimenting with 3D modeling and Quake in a new direction, and made a simple animated Jawa. Soon thereafter I discovered the Star Wars Quake project. It was a joy to make my own interpretation of SW assets like stormtroopers, smugglers, jedi, etc. The project even continued after JK came out. After all we had mesh animation (not segmented skeletal)! Ultimately it fizzled out a few years later, not long after releasing only a multiplayer beta. Despite some regrets around all the time spent, I did still learn a lot and enjoy much of it.

Anyway, the DF+JK series is good fun and certainly worth at least trying them all.