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Cheers, guys! I’m new here 🙂

So, Stunts is one of the first games I obtained when I had my first 386. I agree that it already played very smoothly on it. A friend of mine had it on his 286 and it was playable, but kind of uncomfortable there.

It’s always been a favourite to me, mostly because you could make your own tracks and crash in fantastic ways and then record it and replay it and show that to your friends. For racing, at a time when having more than one computer in the same room was a luxury, having scoreboards for each track was inviting to hot seating and endless afternoons trying to get to the top.

No sooner had the internet become an omnipresent thing than someone came up with the idea of taking it to the next level and exploiting the replay saving capabilities to actually compete online with people around the world. You won’t find many DOS games, especially from so early, that are still so alive today!