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I remember buying Lemmings back in the day with a mate of my Dads. I think I chipped in a fiver and got the 3.5inch floppy while he paid the bulk and got the 5.25’s + the box itself. I lived and breathed it for the 5 days it took to beat it. As much as I liked it at the time, I can’t say it’s a game I went back to after particularly.

I’ve decided to try a few different versions this time around since the level codes seem to be interchangeable. I started on the CDi (a system I have a strange affection for). That version plays really well, has CD audio and more colourful icons. It handles 100 lemmings at a time unlike the PC but is a little on the slow side. Not a big deal on the easy levels but when you start having to replay later levels, the wait gets a bit much. The Amiga and DOS version are really very similar apart from the audio and the missing 2 player mode. The main thing the DOS port has going for it, is being able to use the function keys to swap your selected skills. This is fairly essential if you ask me but didn’t seem to work on the Amiga. Maybe I was trying the wrong keys? You would have to be very quick with that Amiga ball mouse if not.

I’ve made it through the first 60-ish levels now, and am onto the third difficulty. There are a lot of little tricks you need to figure out along the way. I remember getting stuck for ages as a kid when a level would require a new technique and you had to figure it out. I’m enjoying it so far anyway. The biggest issue I recall is the problem with selecting the correct lemming when you have a mass of them. I’m sure there were levels later on where you have to play through the whole thing then rely on dumb luck at the end when you release the horde as to which direction the lemming the game picks is pointing when you click on them. It could do with a filter for that sort of situation. So far, it’s not been all that frustrating anyway and I’m enjoying it but there is plenty of time yet.