Reply To: Thumbs down


So after finally getting a chance to play this game for a bit, I’m actually (slightly) pleasantly surprised.

I did initally have a moment of feeling like I had no idea what I was expected to do, but it seems like that was just the game glitching partway through the tutorial, and all I could do was tunnel around endlessly and make no progress.

After starting a new game, the tutorial actually ran properly and I beat the first two levels.
Everything people have said here is pretty true – there’s no real tactics, and some of the stuff you can do is just a waste of time. But I dunno… it’s still oddly fun to play.
I find the sound effects are a big part of this. They’re funny and weirdly satisfying, and just seem to make the gameplay loop come alive.

I’m not sure how much lasting appeal this game will have for me, but for now I’m finding it charming and oddly satisfying.