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Having gone back over Easter to try to finish the game(at least the original episodes) I have come to the conclusion that Wolf3D is definitely best enjoyed in bite-sized chunks. Instead of trying to just power through it I did a level or two, saved, played some other games and then came back for another level. Really cut down on the feeling of repetetiveness.

Also really helped with my need to 100% everything since I remembered alot from my previous attempt this month(that’s how we did it back in the day after all, play something until it was burned into your brain). Like dr_st above I did not even try for the two crazy maze puzzles.

Finally, I really, REALLY would have enjoyed it even more if it had a Blake Stone-type automap in the hud!

All in all though, really happy the game was picked! I (eventually) had a blast playing it and even more just thinking about it, all the other games in the series and having a bit of a re-read of Masters of Doom. March was a good month <3