Reply To: Final Thoughts


I’ve finished up the 3 routes also. The fists route was my least favourite. Combat is not a strong point in general but it was a couple of the puzzles that really had me stuck. Pushing that closed door repeatedly being the worst offender.

Every Lucasarts adventure from Monkey Island on was a classic. I’d probably have placed this at the top of the pile before going back. I think that was partly nostalgia but it’s definitely a great game by any standards. Having the 3 routes is such a fantastic idea that we didn’t see them try again.

I only played the floppy version back at the time. I do wonder if the voices are an improvement or not. They were done quite well for the time but I remember some of the lines working better in my head. This must have been Lucasarts first talkie and it does show I thought. Overall, very glad to have gone back to spend some quality time with this game anyway.