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The only shareware game I ever tried to register was Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom. The author was accepting registration fees well into the 2000’s…but seemingly never fulfilled those orders. That goes beyond curse into flat-out ripoff territory.

Also common is where the shareware version itself is “cursed” in some way. The later titles in the Tommy’s Toys series (a bunch of ASCII games) have a 60-second countdown timer that has to tick down to zero before you can actually play. That doesn’t make me want to register – it just makes me mad.

Gog and Steam sell several full versions of former shareware titles, and I’d have to say Epic Pinball is one that I would have been delighted with, if I had registered it back in the day. Even the shareware version (with only the first table) always kept me coming back for more, and there are many other tables that are a joy to play, including a Jill of the Jungle-themed one. And the soundtracks are awesome.