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The DOS version runs beautifully for me – smooth as butter, and gameplay feels slick, responsive and smooth. (Once I mapped the keys the way I like them)
This is despite the game warning me I should load a VESA driver (playing on a Pentium I 166, with bog standard S3 VGA card, no 3D patch) or I would have performance issues. (I haven’t bothered with the driver)

I’ve never cared too much about framerates, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s staying somewhere between 40 and 50 fps most of the time.

I like it. I like the humour and the breezy gameplay I can’t really find any serious criticisms of it, beyond the small, but frustrating and baffling, choices that seemed to plague so many games of this era.

But it probably won’t make it into my top 10 list any time soon.