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I finished the game a few nights ago. Overall I thought this game held up well in terms of graphics and sound. As others have noted, the software rendering is pretty good out of the box, I played the 3Dfx version and didn’t notice much difference but had to switch to software when I ran into an issue with my 3Dfx machine. For some reason the D3D version didn’t work well on my other machine (Kurt was just a white box?) but the point remains, software was good enough! And I think that is quite an achievement for a 3D game in 1997.

Theme-wise this is really unique and out there (shiny being shiny). The items are a bit like items in other games of this era, some are useful, while others are clearly just dreamed up and included without much afterthought. To be honest I kinda like that aspect of it! It adds to the quirkiness..

Gameplay was good once I got the controls to my liking (which took a while). The default controls weren’t great but it’s from a time when we were still figuring this stuff out. Probably the one thing I didn’t like was that the game it was somewhat formulaic and on guide rails. I never got stuck, which was nice, but also I didn’t get stuck, which was a little boring! The puzzles were self explanatory for the most part and the game was a nice way to relax in that sense.

What I really liked were all the different bad guys and the inventiveness of the characters. I thought that was really cool and made up for some of the formulaic aspects.

The major highlight for me was being able to save Kirkcaldy, Scotland from destruction! My granddad was from near there and I visited it not that long ago.

On the other hand, the repetitiveness of battle was quite grating, especially without the super chain gun where it seems to take forever to kill bad guys.

That being said, overall I really enjoyed this and am glad to have it under my belt.