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  • timewind

    Not sure if you guys ever heard about eXoDOS project which is probably one of the very best things you can download from the internet. It’s a huge (562 GB) collection of DOS games which are already prepared to run in DOSBOX. Everything is runnable through GUI which provides the basic infromation about the game. The latest version contains a great CRT monitor shader which I really enjoy using. Also, around 300 games now have IPX/serial networking simulation you can use for – believe it or not – online playing! There’s a great Discord community involved in this project. You MUST check it out!



    A screenshot of the GUI (note that I modified it slightly for my own use):

    Some example of the CRT shader:

    Make sure to open those images in new tab to see them in full size!


    for sure, exodos is a fantastic project and a true labour of love that deserves more attention!

    version 6 is coming soon and eXo has been making videos about the whole thing, check it out:


    i’m on the discord and the subject of podcasts came up, i think eXo would be a great fit for the DGC podcast, either for an upcoming episode (he’s played a bit of everything) or as a separate interview.


    Unfortunately they include new commercial games, including some people in this community.


    It is a shame Exo is including recent releases. I understand their goal of archival is noble. Yet making new releases playable so soon does undercut the financial incentive for much of the market.

    IMO it would be ideal if they would just keep private archives of newer games, at least until reaching some threshold. Perhaps waiting 10 years before including them wouldn’t be such a gut punch to creators.

    Or even including links with the games on where folks can support the creators today. If they’re afraid of benefiting far-removed corporate owners, then perhaps they could even link to donate to — or buy newer works of — the original creators.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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