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Altima VII

Pos Name Class Team Time
1 toasty Rapier Qirex 0m58.200s
2 toasty Venom Qirex 1m13.700s
3 wan Venom Auricom 1m13.700s
4 voxel Venom Qirex 1m14.900s
5 wan Venom Auricom 1m15.300s
6 Tijn Venom AG Systems 1m15.400s
7 voxel Venom Qirex 1m15.500s
8 wan Venom Auricom 1m15.600s
9 toasty Venom Qirex 1m15.800s
10 wan Venom Qirex 1m16.100s
11 Tijn Venom AG Systems 1m17.000s
12 wan Venom Qirex 1m17.400s
13 voxel Venom Qirex 1m18.200s
14 wan Venom Qirex 1m19.700s
15 wan Venom Qirex 1m23.600s
16 wan Venom AG Systems 1m24.900s
17 wan Venom AG Systems 1m30.400s
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