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We've decided to accept voice messages from listeners for all future episodes. Our show is all about discussions and we try to invite people who seemed to be interested in our month's game to the show, but we figured, maybe some people don't want to be present for the whole recording, but still have something to contribute.

So, if you want to share your opinion, experience or trivia about the game we're going to cover in an upcoming episode, we're now accepting voice messages.

Simply record your message and e-mail it to us. Our address is: DGC mail address.

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Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

It's time for round four of our "year of the adventure game"! So far we've covered Day of the Tentacle, Lost Eden and Simon the Sorcerer, but now it's time to go beyond the stars with Interplay's 1992 Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the original series. Originally released on floppy disk and later expanded with a CD-ROM edition, this space combat / point & click adventure hybrid game plays like interactive episodes of the TV series.

Joining host Martijn ("Tijn") is returning DGC member Tyler ("Corgibuttz"), who was intrigued by the game since childhood, but never actually got around to playing it for real. Also joining is Juho Kuorikoski, a Finnish game historian and journalist, who is also a Trekkie. He has a YouTube channel reviewing old games and the very first video he posted was about this very game, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary. It's in fact the very first PC game he has ever bought, so he's more than qualified to tell us all about this game.

Sadly our trusty co-host Florian ("rnlf") had to skip this episode due to a scheduling mishap, but he'll be back for the next one for sure.


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The Lost Vikings

Back when Blizzard Entertainment was still known as Silicon & Synapse, they made a funny looking puzzle-platformer called The Lost Vikings. It's hard as nails, utterly unfair, but also weirdly kind of compelling. What more can we say about it? Listen to find out!

Joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") for this episode are Oddvar ("dollarone") and Bjorn ("TigerQuoll"). We were also kindly sent a voice message by Thanael.

If you also want to send us a voice message, simply record your thoughts and e-mail them to club@dosgameclub.com

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Simon the Sorcerer

Calypso needs your help! The evil sorcerer Sordid has turned him (and a couple other people) into stone. You need to become a Wizard and save the day in Adventure Soft's 1993 graphical adventure hit "Simon the Sorcerer"!

Joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") for this episode is Richard ("Pix").

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01 Aug 2021 // 4 Comments >


In May we played Syndicate, the 1993 tactical shooter game by Bullfrog. Set in a futuristic dystopian cyberpunk world where governments have been replaced by corporations, it's quite a bit grittier than many of Bullfrog's other titles. But is it fun? Listen to find out!

Joining host Martijn ("Tijn") for this episode are Rob ("Spoonboy") and retro gaming YouTuber Kim Justice. Sadly our trusty co-host Florian ("rnlf") couldn't join us for this one, but we did receive a voice messages by Canageek, so thanks for that!

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01 Jul 2021 // 4 Comments >

Play Together: Simon the Sorcerer Part 3

This is part 3 of your little Play Together series. This one covers the last part of Simon the Sorcerer, in which we finally defeat the evil wizard Sordid.

For this episode, Jonas and Gonzalo join at the beginning. Both are stuck in different parts of the game, but both on puzzles that we did in the first episode. We try to nudge them in the right direction without spoiling too much.

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