UFO: Enemy Unknown


We're back with another podcast, and this is a big one! We're discussing the game we played in August, which was UFO: Enemy Unknown, known in North America as X-Com: UFO Defense.

As in our previous episode, regular co-host Florian ("rnlf") had to miss this one due to his holiday and moving house. Luckily everything is settled now, so he should be back for future episodes like normal.

Now that doesn't mean that our host Martijn ("Tijn") has to discuss this game alone, because thankfully there's no shortage of club members who are willing to be on the show. Joining this time are returning guests Jozef ("yozy") and Tyler ("corgibuttz"), accompanied by first-timer Matthew ("Canageek").

Also DGC member David ("EvilCommieDictator") was kind enough to send us a voice message.

Now it turns out UFO / X-Com is a big game, so we had a lot to say about it, resulting in an episode that's almost 2.5 hours long. Have fun!

[ download mp3 ] (146 mins, 117 MB)


* Talk by X-Com game designer Julian Gollop at GDC 2013 about the game

* DGC member Richard ("pix") scanned some contemporary UK magazine reviews of X-Com

* OpenXcom is a modern reimplementation of the original game with several enhancements and mod support.

* UFOpeadia is a great wiki with all sorts of X-Com resources, which has been running for a very long time.

* ADG #98 about X-Com by Pixelmusement / Kris Asick

* A cool collection of X-Com sound effects and music, recorded from various hardware

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Theme Hospital

Hi fellow DOS fans!

Remember us? We used to make podcasts about DOS games, haha. It wasn't easy to schedule this episode about Theme Hospital, the game we played back in July. But we've pulled through and here it is!

Sadly Florian ("rnlf") isn't joining us for this one, as he's away on holiday and also moving house. Who did make it onto the episode are our regular host Martijn ("Tijn"), joined by returning DGC member Phil ("PixelProphecy") who has never played the game before, and new DGC member Edd ("vext01") who played this game as a kid back when it originally came out.


[ download mp3 ] (98 mins, 79 MB)


* Peter Molyneux talks at GDC about the origins of Bullfrog Productions

* CorsixTH, open source modern reimplementation of Theme Hospital

* DGC member Richard ("Pix") scanned some of his old UK game magazines, with contemporary reviews of Theme Hospital

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Knights of the Sky


In June we played Knights of the Sky, an excellent World War 1-themed 3D flight simulator, released in 1990, both developed and published by the mighty Microprose.

This game was suggested by new DGC member David ("evilcommiedictator"), who used to watch his dad play this game when he was young and later played it himself as well. Despite the large time difference between him in Australia and us in Europe, we managed to get him onto the podcast, talking about this great game with hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf").

Have fun!

[ download mp3 ] (75 mins, 60 MB)


* Designer notes, from the back of the manual of Knights of the Sky, by the game's designer Jeff Briggs

* List of games Jeff Briggs worked on in various roles

* Computer Gaming World issue 79 (Feb 1991), review of Knights of the Sky starts on page 68

Rise of the Robots

Yo DOS peeps!

Can you believe we never had a fighting game on? So we browsed the suggestion forum and came across one: Rise of the Robots. It's the game we picked for May, but it turns out... the game is actually famous for being terrible, haha.

We still had a lot of fun discussing this game. Hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") are joined by Richard ("pix"), who bought the game when it came out originally.

[ download mp3 ] (60 mins, 48 MB)


* Awesome UK magazine scans by Richard

* A very complete write-up on Retro Revisited on Rise of the Robots


Hey hey!

Seems like we're still behind schedule, but at least it's not getting worse, as proven by this new episode. Also, we're going to record the next episode in just a few days which will mean we're back on track.

Anyway, this time we discussed our April game: Blizzard's classic platformer BlackThorne (or BlackHawk in some regions of the world).

Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") were accompanied by returning guests Oddvar ("dollarone") and Jozef ("yozy").


[ download mp3 ] (89 mins, 71 MB)


* Download BlackThorne for free from battle.net - it seems the download is not available for all regions, but for some people this link might work

* Download the 2013 freeware edition of Blackthorne from archive.org - if the Blizzard link doesn't let you download the game, you can get it here

* DOS Game Club member Richard ("pix") scanned some UK magazine reviews of BlackThorne