Game for January: Wasteland

Can you believe we've never featured a proper RPG with DOS Game Club? Now truth be told, "RPG" is a bit of a vague genre and we have in fact some games with RPG-elements, like Quest for Glory or Starflight. But there are tons of great DOS games that definitely fall into the RPG category and it's about time we play one of those! So our game for January definitely needs to be an RPG.

There's actually a thread on the forums specifically for RPG suggestions, so that's where we looked. There are some really amazing games mentioned there, so we had a hard time deciding which one to pick. In the end, it seemed that with the release of the new Fallout 76 game, a lot of people were interested in discovering the roots of the Fallout series, and those are to be found in a game called Wasteland. So that's the game we picked.

The Wasteland title screen

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The Secret of Monkey Island

Hey! A new DOS Game Club episode!

This time we're covering The Secret of Monkey Island - even if you haven't played the game, if you are into games at all, you more likely than not have at least heard about it. For some this is the pinnacle of Point & Click Adventure games, and we think they are not too far from the truth with that opinion - it's clearly a great game.

Anyway, last episode was the longest one until then, but this one is over three hours, so brace yourselves! That's what happens when you have a total of six people on the show and everybody has their own anecdotes and funny stories to tell about this legendary game. Martijn and Florian are this time accompanied by veterans Mike and Philipp, Esko makes a second appearance and there's a brand new member: Jozef. We had an absolute blast discussing this gem of a game, so we hope you'll enjoy listening to this episode as much as we did recording it!

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* Why Adventure Games Suck, article by Ron Gilbert written in 1989 about his ideas on adventure game design.

* Aric's World games industry archive ( mirror), awesome page with lots of original game design documents, including the one for "Mutiny on Monkey Island", what eventually became The Secret of Monkey Island.

Games for December

What do you mean "Games"? There's only one game per month, what are you talking about?

No, you read that right! We're going to play multiple games in December! You see, we've gotten lots of suggestions through the forums of games that are quite small. It would be hard to fill a whole month playing these, but at the same time it would be sad to ignore them completely.

That's why we decided for this one time only to make December a month of multiple smaller games! We don't expect most of them to entertain us for more than a few days, but hey, you never know!

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02 Oct 2018 // 7 Comments >

Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness

Do you remember the Twitter poll we mentioned last month? The one Prince of Persia won? After playing that in July we felt sorry for the runner-up, so that's what we played in August!

And that runner-up was of course Warcraft II. Joining Martijn and Florian to talk about this cool RTS game are Tyler (Corgibuttz), who was previously on the Starflight episode, and new member Martin (Srandista).

Warcraft II was the game that really put Blizzard Entertainment up there with the big studios. For the second time in DGC history, all participants played this game as a kid. The only time this happened before was actually last month with Prince of Persia. We're really playing some classics now it seems!

This episode is a bit longer than average, but an epic game such as Warcraft II totally deserves it.

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28 Sep 2018 // 2 Comments >

Prince of Persia


After we almost caught up with our delay from the summer break with the last episode, this new episode means were back on schedule!

We ran a poll some time ago about which game to play in July. We had no idea what to play, so we pitted just a bunch of random favourites against each other. The options were Warcraft 2, California Games, Leisure Suit Larry and Prince of Persia, which ultimately won with 30% of the popular vote. It was close though and the winning option changed several times during the poll. How exciting!

So in July we played Prince of Persia and here's our discussion of the game. Martijn and Florian are accompanied by recurring podcast participants Richard (Pix) and David. Both of them have been playing this game since their childhoods and for the first time in DGC history, everyone on the show played the game a lot as a kid. It really proves what a true classic Prince of Persia is.

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* Jordan Mechner - The Making of Prince of Persia
* David's Comparison of Various Prince of Persia Ports
* David speedrunning Prince of Persia
* Prince of Persia code review by Fabien Sanglard