DOS Games Jam & modern DOS Culture

It is the year 2020 and yet, some of us are still fascinated by an operating system that hasn't been updated in nearly 20 years. In this episode we are trying to answer the question "why"?

That DOS is still relevant today is demonstrated by the success of DOS Games Jam - a game jam dedicated to the style of DOS games. 123 games have been submitted to this jam, all of which are either inspired by old DOS games or are even DOS games themselves.

We are also taking a look at other things that are going on in the modern world of DOS. New commercial games, new hardware and productivity software are still being made as well as development tools and various emulators that allow us to enjoy the games of the past with absolute ease.

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* DOS Games Jam

* Haunted PS1 demo disc

* DGJ entry: StellarRoads

* DGJ entry: Kalevala

* DGJ entry: SlipSpeed

* DGJ entry: Witchy Workshop

* DGJ entry: Capax Astra

* DGJ entry: Acronia

* MiniLD 52: The Retro Challenge

* MiniLD 71: The Retro Challenge

* MS-DOS on Github

* FreeDOS

* DOSBox + forks

* ScummVM

* LoveDOS: create 2D games in Lua

* Tapegro: create DOS games in Javascript

* RAD Tracker v2


20 May 2020 // 2 Comments >


Bonjour DOS fans!

In our ongoing attempt to get back on schedule, we present to you our podcast episode on Nomad, the obscure 1993 space adventure game we played in February.

The show is filled with DGC veterans, as Florian ("rnlf") hosts for a change, joined by Martijn ("Tijn") and Esko ("FireFyte"). Suggested by DGC member voxel, he sadly couldn't be on the show, but did send in a voice message for which we're very grateful.

So buckle up and get ready for lift off!

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DGC Game Devlog #1: Prologue

So, a couple of months ago, some of us came up with an "ingenious" idea. We're a bunch of DOS gaming nerds, sure, but most of us also have a programming background and DOS Game Club was actually founded by a bunch of people hanging out in a game development related IRC channel. What would be more appropriate than to use this dual footing we have to actually make a DOS game of our own?

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11 May 2020 // 1 Comment >



We hope everyone is staying safe with all this craziness going on. When in doubt: stay inside and play DOS games, folks!

Back in January we played Worms with the club and boy did we have a lot of fun with that one. We even organised a little club tournament to see who has the best chops.

Now during the tournament, two players eventually rose to the top: our co-host Florian ("rnlf") and DGC member Tim ("spacefarer"). So we thought maybe it would be fun to have the final battle to determine the winner live during the podcast! Of course it became a big mess, but don't worry, because the first part of the show is our normal format in which we discuss the game in more detail. Besides Florian and Tim, also returning to the show are Martijn ("Tijn"), Jozef ("jozy") and Elias ("pumpuli").

In case you are interested in such things, here's the video of the match:

Have fun!

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Ultima VII

Hello fellow DOS fans!

A while back we ran a Twitter poll to see what people thought a good RPG would be for us to check out. And although Dark Sun, Darklands and Albion all good respectable scores, there was one clear winner: Ultima VII, released in 1992 by Origin Systems. So that became our December game.

As neither our hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") played the game before, we were very happy that two knowledgable experts were willing to join the show and help us explain the contents and context of this game and the Ultima series as a whole. First of all it's long time DGC member and podcast regular Richard ("Pix"), and last but not least there's Michael ("Moa2020") who is completely new to the club.


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* As ever, Pix scanned in some old magazines with reviews for us. Thanks!

* Exult is an open source reimplementation of Ultima 7 for modern platforms, using the original data files.

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