Tools & resources

This page is a growing index of various tools & resources for DOS gaming in the modern era.

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DOSBox is *the* must-have tool for playing DOS games on modern hardware. It’s an open-source emulator of both DOS itself as well as the hardware on which it was typically run back in the day. It’s available for lots of different platforms and has great compatibility with many games.

DOSBox has lots of configuration options and built-in tools to help you set it up just right. Explanations of such and other things can be found on the DOSBox Wiki.

If you’re using Mac OS X, there’s a user-friendlier app for running DOS games called Boxer. It uses DOSBox internally, but provides a nicer UI and workflow.


The awesome folks over at have a huge collection of DOS games available for free on their website. They’ve embedded a version of DOSBox in Javascript right on their page, so you can play the games right from your browser without having to install anything.

Posted on April 16th, 2017