Can you believe we're 90 episodes into this show and still haven't looked at Lemmings? Lemmings! What a classic! When Lemmings (by DMA Design, published by Psygnosis) arrived on the scene in the early 90s it was an instant hit. Everyone's played this game, apparently over 15 million copies were sold over the span of its life time. Amazing, let's check it out!

Joining Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") is Simon, from LemmingsForums.net. He's been active in the custom Lemmings levels scene for many years and is even responsible for his very own Lemmings game, called Lix. Please check out the links below to learn more.

We got voice messages for this one from DGC members Firefyte and Watchful. Thank you! Also big thanks to DGC member console for editing the episode!


[ download mp3 ] (129 mins, 148 MB)


* LemmingsForums.net is one of the oldest and biggest active Lemmings communities on the web

* Lix is a modern interpretation of Lemmings by our guest Simon

* NeoLemmix is the most popular modern Lemmings clone out there, with a focus on building & solving custom levels

* The History of Lemmings as laid out by Lemmings developer Mike Dailly

* Lemmings Universe is an old-school Lemmings fan site with many links to interesting Lemmings-related stuff

* Lemmings documentaries is a thread on our forums containing some links to documentaries and other interesting Lemmings stuff

* Custom levels is a thread on our forums where DGC member patric_wd posted the custom levels he made for the month we played Lemmings with the club. Sadly the links have expired now and Patrick couldn't make it onto the episode, but we very much hope he'll upload his levels later and share them with everyone.

* Some of the "stand out levels" discussed in the episode are: Just Dig!, Cascade and No added colours or Lemmings

* More DMA Design was discussed in DGC episode 11 (Grand Theft Auto)

10 Apr 2024

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