Dungeon Keeper

Do you ever feel the world is just too... nice? If so, perhaps Dungeon Keeper scratches that itch, because even though it's a classic game of heroes vs demons, in this case you are the demon! Dungeon Keeper was a big hit for Bullfrog Productions back in 1997, but by no means their first. After Populous, Syndicate, Magic Carpet, Theme Park and many others, they were truly at the peak of the powers when Dungeon Keeper hit the shelves. Does that mean the game holds up now though? Let's find out!

Joining Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") are DGC veteran Richard ("Pix"), as well as new-to-the-podcast DGC member Lars ("fastwinstondoom"). We also got a voice message for this one from DGC member David, aka EvilCommieDictator. Thank you!


[ download mp3 ] (140 mins, 161 MB)


* Alakajam! is the game jam community founded by DGC member wan, who suggested Dungeon Keeper through the suggestion forum

* Dungeon Keeper Resurrection Diary kept by Dungeon Keeper development team member Dene Carter documents how some of Dungeon Keeper was put together

* Some Dungeon Keeper spiritual successors include War for the Overworld and Dungeons

* KeeperFX is a modern engine for playing Dungeon Keeper, which adds many quality of life features

* Dungeon Keeper magazine reviews scanned in by DGC member Pix

21 May 2024

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Jozxyqk says:

Dutch, along with English, Japanese, etc, is included in the gog version.

I disagree with that Dutch magazine’s review; the Dutch localization is quite good.

In keeperfx one can choose the language in the the launcher settings.

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