We've done Prince of Persia, we've done The Last Express. So when The Making of Karateka was released in late 2023, we figured this was the perfect opportunity to have a look at Jordan Mechner's very first published game. Originally released in 1984 for the Apple II, the PC got a port of this game in 1986. So get ready for some CGA graphics, some PC beeper sounds and a game that runs way too fast at default Dosbox settings.

Joining Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") for this episode are DGC member DRS ("dr_st"), whose first time it is on the podcast, and Chris Kohler, editorial director at Digital Eclipse for The Making of Karateka. Chris picked up a lot of in-depth knowledge about this game while working on The Making Of, so we're very grateful for him to come on to our show and share his stories.


[ download mp3 ] (107 mins, 123 MB)


* The Making of Karateka by Digital Eclipse

* Karateka rotoscoping raw footage

* Prince of Persia rotoscoping raw footage

* Karateka upside-down easter egg

* The 2012 Karateka remake

* More Jordan Mechner games on DOS Game Club: episode 20 (Prince of Persia) and episode 71 (The Last Express)

* Recent & in-depth interview with Jordan Mechner by Daniel Albu

30 Mar 2024

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