Realms of the Haunting

For the Halloween season we try to pick suitably scary games, so back in October (welp) we took a look at Realms of the Haunting (1996, Gremlin/Interplay). This game ticks a lot of boxes: haunted mansion, ghosts, scary monsters, but also... Time travel? A psychic partner? Interdimensional portals? Building a bong?? It's no exaggeration to say this game covers a lot of ground, as well as genres, as Realms of the Haunting is best described as a, uh, first-person shooter full-motion video point & click adventure game. And despite this was a major production of British powerhouse of gaming Gremlin Interactive, it seems to be quite an obscure game nowadays. But we're here for it!

Joining Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") on this episode are DGC veteran Richard ("Pix"), who jumped onto this game right when it came out, and Ross (who you might know from his YouTube channel "Accursed Farms") who made a video on Realms of the Haunting for his "Ross's Game Dungeon" series.

We also got sent a voice message by Wesley ("Wesbat"), thank you! And last but not least many thanks to DGC member console for helping us edit this podcast.


[ download mp3 ] (87 mins, 100 MB)


* Ross's Game Dungeon episode on Realms of the Haunting

* Adventure Game Club podcast episode on Realms of the Haunting on which Richard ("Pix") was also a guest

* UK magazine reviews scanned in by Richard ("Pix")

* YouTube documentary on Gremlins Interactive by Kim Justice

* early 2000s fan site that's still online

* Digital Antiquarian on Realms of the Haunting

13 Feb 2024

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