The Secret of Donkey Island

Everybody know The Secret of Monkey Island. But few people have ever heard of Donkey Island. This game was made by two Czech teenagers on their school computers in 1994 and ended up being the first commercial game to be developed and published in Czechia. Besides a sub-par and, frankly, weird German translation, this game has so far only been available in Czech language - until Emmy and sonneveld came along and decided to translate the game to English and make it available to everyone for free!

So join us on our journey to find out why being shipwrecked became a trope in the Czech game industry as host Martijn (Tijn) discusses The Secret of Donkey Island with returning participant Jozef ("yozy" - who was born in Czechoslovakia), as well as Emmy ("Emmxyzzy") & Sonneveld, the team who put the English translation together.


[ download mp3 ] (84 mins, 96 MB)


* Get the game for free at:

* Emmxyzzy's website with links to her YouTube and Twitch channels, among other things

* Sonneveld on Twitch

* by Sonneveld, which hosts many resources on making AGI games

* Donkey Island UHS-style hint guide by Tijn

* Article (in Czech) about a possible sequel

* Website of Czech game historian Jaroslav Ć velch

26 Jan 2024

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lmfsilva says:

Hah, the story of trying to fit text reminded me when I did a lot of translation of Kron’s Eishockey Manager using just a hexeditor and having to sometimes come up with creative phrasing to fit in short space or of there was too much blank space left on the string and it looked weird on context. Sadly never finished it as I couldn’t find a way to edit the images, or I’d probably have done Bundesliga Manager Hattrick as well.

Also, don’t speak that much German (mostly a “I might get the gist of it” matter), was purely going by a dictionary and knowing about ice hockey and managing games.

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