Prince of Persia


After we almost caught up with our delay from the summer break with the last episode, this new episode means were back on schedule!

We ran a poll some time ago about which game to play in July. We had no idea what to play, so we pitted just a bunch of random favourites against each other. The options were Warcraft 2, California Games, Leisure Suit Larry and Prince of Persia, which ultimately won with 30% of the popular vote. It was close though and the winning option changed several times during the poll. How exciting!

So in July we played Prince of Persia and here's our discussion of the game. Martijn and Florian are accompanied by recurring podcast participants Richard (Pix) and David. Both of them have been playing this game since their childhoods and for the first time in DGC history, everyone on the show played the game a lot as a kid. It really proves what a true classic Prince of Persia is.

[ download mp3 ] (92 mins, 83 MB)


* Jordan Mechner - The Making of Prince of Persia
* David's Comparison of Various Prince of Persia Ports
* David speedrunning Prince of Persia
* Prince of Persia code review by Fabien Sanglard

28 Aug 2018

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DJ_HiP says:

I first played it on an Apple II as well, amazing how so many people seem to have had this game!

With so many ports I was suprised to find someone has also ported it to JS / HTML5 amazing!

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