We had a bit of a summer break, but we're back now! We hope to be back on track shortly.

Now back in June we wanted to play a vertical shooter, as this is a genre that we haven't covered so far. We ran a poll on Twitter between some classic games in the genre: Raptor, Tyrian, Xenon 2 and Raiden. Out of these, Tyrian won with a good margin, so that's what we played in June.

Joining our regular hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf"), we had a very special guest: new DGC member and Tyrian speedrunner Esko ("FireFyte"). Esko is not just A Tyrian speedrunner, he is the one who came up with the idea of doing speedruns of this game in the first place! He's spent countless hours figuring out this game in great detail, so it's great he wanted to join our show and explain everything that's cool about Tyrian. He's one of the moderators of the Tyrian page over on speedrun.com.

[ download mp3 ] (90 mins, 80 MB)


* Watch Esko's speedruns on YouTube

* Tyrian composer Alexander Brandon's music, including the Tyrian soundtrack

* Get Tyrian 2000 for free on gog.com

18 Aug 2018

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DJ_HiP says:

Having only really played Raptor myself I had no idea such a deep and involved vertical shooter could exist.

Great to hear your insights and explorations into this amazing game FireFyte!

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