Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness

Do you remember the Twitter poll we mentioned last month? The one Prince of Persia won? After playing that in July we felt sorry for the runner-up, so that's what we played in August!

And that runner-up was of course Warcraft II. Joining Martijn and Florian to talk about this cool RTS game are Tyler (Corgibuttz), who was previously on the Starflight episode, and new member Martin (Srandista).

Warcraft II was the game that really put Blizzard Entertainment up there with the big studios. For the second time in DGC history, all participants played this game as a kid. The only time this happened before was actually last month with Prince of Persia. We're really playing some classics now it seems!

This episode is a bit longer than average, but an epic game such as Warcraft II totally deserves it.

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28 Sep 2018

2 Replies to “Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness”

Igognito says:

Great work guys!

I want to add that there is an active online community! You can still play war2 online at: http://en.war2.ru/

If you have the battle.net edition you only need to add a registry file. If you do not you can download a short version from the site.


Srandista says:

Just several corrections from my side for my part on podcast.

You can find quote “World of Warcraft” in last song from OST on YouTube.

Development of Starcraft did start on Warcraft 2 engine (you can find some info about alpha here and screenshots here), but since was so similar to Warcraft (people called it for example Orcs in Space), Blizzard decide to change engine for Starcraft beta and final game.

And as it was mentioned in podcast, DotA started with W3, but it evolved from Starcraft map called Aeon of Strife (you can find several versions of that map here).

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