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For me personally, playing Doom feels a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I did play some Doom back in the day, but after having played *a lot* of Wolfenstein 3D it felt kinda the same to me at the time. I also didn’t like the darker atmosphere as much, so I never really got into it.

I’ve never really revisited the game since then, although being such a classic title, it does come up from time to time in discussions and articles and whatnot. I’ve always felt a bit “meh” about the original Doom because it didn’t click with me right away when it came out.

So to much of my surprise, playing it now for DOS Game Club, I was actually having loads of fun with it! I don’t mind the darkness as much now for some reason. It’s not as scary to me as an adult, maybe that’s part of why I’m enjoying it more.

I can also appreciate the level design and flow of the game more than I could back then. I sailed through the first few levels of the first episode quite smoothly and felt the urge to keep playing, so that’s pretty good I suppose! I hope the difficulty will ramp up somewhat in later levels, but I’m sure being an oldschool game that will be no problem. And there’s always the difficulty setting which I can increase of course.

Imagine that, Doom is actually pretty cool. Who knew? I didn’t 😀