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Just spent a few minutes playing this. I never played it back in the day for some reason, so I have a nostalgia-free viewpoint on the game.

My first impression is that it’s not my kind of thing, except that it reminds me a bit of R.C. Pro-Am on the NES. I think I’m getting too old to be any good at racing games lol.

Technologically this game is pretty interesting:
– Amiga-style sample-based soundtrack
– SVGA graphics?
– Some usage of 3D polygons for the track borders I think?

Some things that I really bounced off of while playing:
– Walls on sides of track that can bring you to a standstill in an instant are not fun.
– For some reason, they put some things in that block your view of your car, and sometimes they’re even on corners. This is pure evil and not fun.
– I don’t have an objection to being able to run over people in a racing game, but it feels extraneous in this game, like it was just added for shock value.

I bet multiplayer is pretty fun.